"Eagles don't flock, you have to find them one at a time." -

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H. Ross Perot

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Why Choose Perot Jain?

We have successfully founded, led and monetized companies across various verticals and economic cycles. Our goal is simple - to help you do the same.

The team at Perot Jain was instrumental in helping us gain early customer traction and navigate operational challenges as we opened our first Texas market in the DFW metroplex....

Frank Mycroft, CEO, Booster Fuels

Perot Jain is a hidden jewel in the VC world. They are shrewd, influential and have extensive resources at their disposal. The environment they create is a perfect test bed for startup activity....

Brenda Stoner, CEO, PICKUP


Perot Jain is committed to partnering with innovative entrepreneurs to build highly disruptive, industry transforming companies.

Multidisciplinary team with significant expertise as entrepreneurs, operators and advisors.